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Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is an advisory committee to the President. The Steering Committee considers matters of policy, planning, and personnel, particularly those that require a decision by the President. Decisions of the Steering Committee are considered as non-binding recommendations to the officers of the Laboratories. The committee consists of permanent and rotating members meant to represent the staff and scientists at the Laboratories. Issues include (among many others) requests to bring long-term visitors to the Laboratories, to submit a grant proposal, to enter into new collaborations, to host a conference or other event, introduction of new policies or revisions to old ones. Minutes of the meetings are posted.

Kenneth Pugh (President and Director of Research) is Chair of this committee. The Committee holds its meetings whenever the President determines that there are enough pending issues to require a meeting. A preliminary agenda is posted before each meeting. The Chair (or her designate) and three other members constitute a quorum. Regular members of the Committee include the officers (President, CEO, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer). At least two members of the committee are rotated annually and are appointed by the President.

The present members of the Steering Committee are:

Kenneth R. Pugh, President and Director of Research (chair)
David Braze, Senior Scientist
Joseph Cardone, Vice President of Finance and Administration
Betty DeLise, Controller
Susan Galli, Manager of Grants and Contracts
James Magnuson, Senior Scientist
Einar Mencl , Senior Scientist
Philip Rubin, Chief Executive Officer
Mark Tiede , Senior Scientist
Douglas Whalen, Vice President of Research